What’s all this

Ruckus then?

The low-down

As you can tell from our photos, there is nothing we love more than walks by the beach and staring off into the distance. Other than our jobs that is.

Since its inception on a Plymothian pub bench, Ruckus has grown into an award-winning, multinational agency. What has remained the same is the driving principle behind Ruckus, to provide our clients with effective design and marketing solutions in an informal yet professional manner. We strive to build friendly, long-lasting relationships that are mutually-beneficial but understand it is impossible to do so if our work is anything short of first-rate.

We know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and don’t try to pretend that there is, which is why we do our best to learn everything we can about the businesses we work with. Not ones for overcomplicating things, we only ever recommend services and solutions that we believe will help businesses develop and reach their goals.

Edward Watson

Designing all the timing

Ed has spent the last half decade designing for some of the UK’s most exciting brands. Having worked with companies all over the country and in various sectors, Ed has tried his hand at most jobs in the creative industry and has developed a wide range of skills and expertise. Specialising in digital design and branding, Ed’s time spent working on websites has also made him capable at aspects of web development (making him much more useful to have around than Alem).

When he’s not in the studio he can often be found at the beach pretending he knows how to surf. Drop him an email at ed@the-ruckus.co.uk or say hello on LinkedIn

Alem Al-Khamiri


A website management specialist with a wealth of experience, Alem worked for two of the UK’s premier marketing agencies before deciding he was ready to give it a go himself. Trained by some of the most knowledgeable and talented individuals in the industry, Alem understands what it takes to grow a business and has contributed to the success of numerous local, national and international companies both online and off (proving once and for all, he’s a much better person than Ed).

Whether you need some advice regarding SEO and PPC or want the day-to-day running of a site looked after, Alem is the person you should speak to. If you’d like to contact him directly, feel free to email alem@the-ruckus.co.uk or get in touch via his LinkedIn.

Our Clients

Our clients are our livelihood and, much to our girlfriends’ dismay, our obsessions.
We are proud to be trusted by the following brands.