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June 5, 2018

Ruckus Client, Bibium, Launches First-Ever Coffee Machine Review Website

Having previously specialised in the supplying of commercial coffee machines to businesses all over the UK, our client, Bibium, has chosen to take a bold step by repositioning themselves within their industry. Rather than continue to source and supply coffee machines for businesses directly, Bibium has turned their old e-commerce site into a review platform featuring hundreds of coffee machines and coffee machine brands. Driven by user-generated content, Bibium is completely independent and that makes it the ideal for commercial buyers who are looking to share experiences, browse, learn, review, compare and purchase coffee machines.

Run by husband and wife team Wyatt Cavalier and Grace Carter-Cavalier, Bibium’s new offering is based on a review-centric model and allows site visitors to sort, search and filter over 600 different commercial coffee machines to find the one that best suits their business needs. Once the perfect coffee machine has been identified, visitors will be matched with up to four handpicked vendors who will provide easy to understand quotes. Thousands of independent reviews, both for coffee machines and vendors, will support buyers by providing the information necessary for them to make an informed and confident decision.

This innovative new service will basically cut out hours of research that would otherwise be required by anyone potentially interested in procuring a commercial coffee machine. Rather than spending the better part of a week scrawling through coffee machine distributor websites – each with hundreds of product listings of wildly varying quality – followed by labouriously contacting each one individually, all anyone looking for a commercial coffee machine will have to do is submit an enquiry on Bibium.

Ruckus Director & Digital Marketing Pedant, Alem Al-Khamiri, commented “Grace, Wyatt, and the entire Bibium team have been incredibly enthusiastic about Bibium’s new direction, which that has made the whole transition a lot less stressful for everyone. Wyatt and I will be working closely on the site’s ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns, so there is nothing to worry about there, and Ed has assured us both he will provide all the creative support we could possibly need”.

We asked Wyatt for a quote to help bulk out this post and he said:

See. It’s time stamped and everything.

Regarding his new website, however, Wyatt Cavalier said: “We’re really excited about this new service for commercial consumers in the hospitality industry. Essentially, the new website will be the first port of call for all those wanting to seek the right coffee machine for their business.”

Visitors to the website will only be a few clicks away from finding the best solutions for the field they work in. In that sense, we cut out the middle man of having to search for what could be hours spent online trying to find the right machines.

Once the whole process has been completed, customers are encouraged to revisit Bibium and leave an honest review of the coffee machine they received. In addition to a written review, visitors can also give the machines an overall score out of 10 as well as individually score a machine’s reliability, speed, ease of use and value for money.

In regard to Bibium’s new review-focused business model, Grace (who once very rightly pointed out that Alem has a captivating voice) said: “I’m confident that user reviews for coffee machines will be helpful to all types of businesses. Whether it’s a café in Cornwall or a restaurant in London, it’s important to hear what people actually think about the coffee machine they bought, not just what you get told by the sales rep“.

In addition to being industry experts in commercial coffee machines, domestic coffee machines and just about every coffee machine-related ancillary, the six-year-old Plymouth-based business also produces its very own ethically-sourced Fairtrade coffee. Available to buy by the bag or wholesale, all the coffee beans in Wyatt & Grace’s Underdog Coffee brand are ethically sourced, roasted locally and priced fairly, thereby ensuring that both suppliers and clients get a fair deal.

For advice or the right coffee solution for you, visit the new site at www.bibium.com or email info@bibium.com.


Founded in 2012 by Wyatt and Grace, Bibium’s mission is to democratise the coffee industry and supply both coffee and top rate commercial coffee machines to professional and domestic clients alike.