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Project Overview

Bibium’s PPC account is amongst the largest we’ve ever worked on, which is pretty much the reason why we’re so happy with the results below.

A bit of backstory first. Bibium is a platform designed for businesses – be they offices, restaurants, bars, etc. – that are looking for commercial coffee machines. They are completely impartial and have gone out of their way to ensure that the information available for each coffee machine on their site is as comprehensive as possible. Their platform offers thousands of coffee machine reviews, as well as the option to inquire about a specific machine or machine type.

Though Bibium does not directly offer coffee machines, it has a vast network of local and national vendors who can. Anybody who enquires about a coffee machine on Bibium (and ticks the appropriate boxes) will be contacted by a member of the Bibium team to ensure the one they have enquired about will best suit their needs. Once the ideal make, model and type have been chosen, the enquiry will be passed along to the relevant suppliers who then contact the customer with their best offer.

Bibium’s PPC Search campaigns were set up to attract enquiries from anybody who might be looking and this is where Ruckus comes in. In January 2019, Ruckus was given the reins and through our work, we achieved the following in just 4 months:

117.15% increase
in PPC conversions

January – April 2019

38.43% decrease
in Cost-Per-Conversion

January – April 2019

136.31% increase
in Conversion Rate

January – April 2019

13.71% decrease
in Bounce Rate

January – April 2019

Unfortunately, we cannot show any hard figures but you get the idea. What’s more, all this and we only saw a 33.71% increase in overall monthly cost, which isn’t too bad at all when you consider the reduced cost-per-enquiry and the vast increase in enquiries themselves.

Great, thanks. Told you you could do it

Wyatt Cavalier, Bibium’s CEO & Co Founder, upon reviewing these stats

We like to think he exclaimed this jubilantly while giving a massive thumbs up, but we didn’t tell him in person so we’ll never really know.

While a few new campaigns were created and paused during this time, achieving these results mainly revolved around 1 thing; Quality Score Optimisation. We don’t want to give away too much (that would be silly) but if you want to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns without messing around with bids and budgets then this is the place to start. It is worth noting that AdScore optimisation can take time, especially on a big campaign with a long history, but the long term benefits are absolutely worth it.

If you’re setting up new campaigns, you can ensure you get off to a good start by making the most of the content areas given to you. In standard text ads, you are given space to create 3 titles, a custom URL string, and 2 descriptions, so make the most of them. Google also offers a load of ad extensions that can be used to augment Search Ads at no additional cost. If you examine your AdScore and find your Ad Relevance is high but your Landing Page Experience is low, rethink the page you’re linking your ad to. If it’s the perfect page on your site for a given keyword and you’re still seeing this error, perhaps you need to add the keyword to the page a few more time or compress the site code to improve load speeds (there are a lot of ways that PPC can be used to help with SEO, and vice versa).

If you think you could be getting more from your PPC campaigns, feel free to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to take a look at your account and see whether or not there is room for improvement.